Bass Guitar Lessons

Bass guitar is the backbone of many genres of music. Without a hot bass line, that song is plain, boring and simple. To make that bass line interesting takes a seasoned, well taught bass player. Taking bass lessons, online or off, is the beginning of that for you and you need Q-U-A-L-I-T-Y in those bass lessons.

Taking bass lessons online is the best way to do this, especially for the new player or beginner. It is true that there are a whole bunch of choices out there, so you need to know the benefits of online bass guitar lessons. Well, I have been playing stringed instruments for over twenty years and I know what that is all about.

First benefit of online bass guitar lessons is availability. You can take the lessons any time you want to. You have no need to go to a certain place at a certain time and see a certain someone. You have the flexibility to go over the lessons at your leisure, so you get to learn as quickly or slowly as you wish.

When you have read over the bass guitar lesson(s), practice is the next step. With online lessons, you can practice as much as you need to in order to master each lesson plan before moving on. This is especially important with difficult passages or techniques. Practice as much as you need.

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This opens another door, people, and that is nervousness. Anytime we learn something new, we are nervous about performing it in front of someone. That is what you do with a private bass guitar instructor. Remember that you paid for that lesson time, so if you do not have the material or technique down tight, you may end up taking the same lesson twice or more. That is a waste of money.

With online bass guitar lessons, you can practice that material by yourself until you know it good enough to play for someone. This reduces the stress on the student and breeds confidence as well as mastery in the short term. Long term, you will be a better, more experienced player since you have mastered ALL the techniques along the way. This makes each successive lesson easier and it makes sense to you.

Then there is the presentation of the lesson material.  Online bass guitar lessons are presented in different media to enhance the learning experience. You get the lesson in a text format, so you can READ the lesson, so you see the lesson in sheet music. Then you have a sound file to HEAR how the lesson sounds. Finally, you have access to a video of the lesson, so you can actually SEE how the lesson is supposed to be played.

Our method incorporates all these media types and gives you the ultimate bass lesson experience. We take you softly into the world of learning bass guitar. What you get is a multi-faceted approach to bass guitar lessons. A big part of the success of Guitar Superstars is the fact that they cater to most styles of guitar playing including bass guitar. Lorenzo Wolff  will be your instructor who pulls it all together.

Lorenzo has been playing bass professionally for about 6 yrs and tours regularly with bands like TJ Moss, Frankie D and many others across North America. He is very accomplished in different genres like rock, jazz and folk just to name a few.

If you are looking for a bass guitar instructor who will take you by the hand every step of the way then Lorenzo is definitely your man.

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