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Welcome back to Guitar Blaster, Today I want to touch on a few things related to acoustic guitar lessons and what you should look out for as far as equipment and instruction goes and I may touch on  some other things as well.

Many of us have had or have a desire to learn guitar, electric, acoustic or maybe even bass guitar for that matter but have never pursued it any further. Some of us wonder if we should take acoustic guitar lessons or electric guitar lessons. Maybe you have a preconceived idea of one over the other.

It doesn’t really matter which route you choose to take when you are starting out as the basic fundamentals are the same. Chords, strumming, picking or scales will all need to be learned in order to play any style from blues, rock, jazz or even country.

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So for me a good reason for starting out with acoustic guitar lessons is simply cost of equipment. Why? Because all you need is a normal everyday acoustic guitar, no need for any amplification or extra cables or equipment other than a case or stand ( not absolutely necessary) plus it can also take a relative amount of abuse and still serve you well.

Now granted an acoustic guitar can be a little more challenging to play from a physical and dexterous point of view but don’t let that discourage you at all because the more you practice the better you will adapt to the feel of you guitar.

Next up are the acoustic guitar lessons and I want to point out here that good instruction is absolutely paramount. I mean you could have the best equipment in the world, but if you are trying to learn your guitar playing techniques from the back of a cereal box then it’s just not going to happen for you.

Your lesson choices include private one on one, group, online or downloadable and free lessons from a friend or someone else you might know. All of the above have positives and negatives whether it is cost, time allotment or personal attention. What you need to do is figure out what will fit your schedule and lifestyle best.

  1. One on one is great for personal custom instructions that suit you, especially when you need to ask questions right then and there. However this type of lesson can add up over time and you generally need to fit in with your tutor’s schedule.
  2. Group lessons are good because the whole group shares the cost making it easier on your wallet but we all learn at different rates and if you need some extra time to get a certain technique mastered then you may get left behind or hold up the others in your class.
  3. Online/Downloadable what makes this a good choice is the fact that you can access your lessons 24/7 and the cost is significantly reduced and you learn at your own pace. Now the trick here is finding a reputable program so make sure you do your homework here.
  4. Free, now we all like something free. Right? But have you ever heard the following quotes “There’s no such thing as a free lunch” or “You get what you pay for” think about those quotes for a second. Ok times up, if you are highly motivated and accountable to yourself then free may work for you and that’s great. But personally for me I chose to take the paid route and the reason was we tend to place more value on something if we pay for it and we want to make sure we get out money’s worth.

So folks I hope those few tips have given you some insight into the choices you have ahead of you. Now get out there and “Jam On”

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